The 13 Best Intercom Alternatives for Customer Support in 2023

Best Customer Support Chat Platforms For Businesses In 2023

intercom chatbot pricing

LiveAgent works best for businesses that need a robust multi-channel customer service platform. The Intercom alternative combines email, live chat widget, call, and social media interactions under a universal inbox. LiveAgent ensures that your support team does not miss any customer query. Plus, it has features like a desk ticketing system and a knowledge base to empower your support agents. The multi-faceted, all-in-one customer service platform from Tidio improves your customer service and generates more sales.

Intercom works to help thousands of businesses in many different industries improve communications with customers to quickly boost sales. While the system might not be for everyone, it definitely adds convenience to many aspects of online marketing and sales. Which live chat software is best for your eCommerce business will mostly depend on the size of your business. If you’re just starting out, Drift is probably the better option since it’s cheaper, including its free plan. But you also won’t have to pay for more advanced features that you don’t need yet. You can also collaborate with your team members, tag and assign conversations, and use knowledge-base articles to empower customers.

Intercom offers chat and email support to customers across all plans. However, we found the Intercom customer support team was not consistently available while we were testing the software. During our research, we noticed that this is a common customer complaint. There are lots of avenues to the Intercom pricing structure that you’ll need to understand before diving into its world of customer service solutions. There’s no doubt this software is a key player in the industry and is used by many organizations throughout the world, both big businesses and small. We’re particularly impressed with the Early Stage program too, and believe it to be one of the more transparent options available on the website.

$406/mo + $420/mo for Intercom

Other features that Slack offers include group conversations, audio and video calls, file sharing, and integration with other applications. However, some users have experienced occasional glitches, such as issues with selecting multiple predefined answers to a ticket. Others have mentioned a steep learning curve, suggesting that additional training materials could offer a smoother onboarding process. The platform’s predefined answers and canned messages help resolve repetitive customer issues swiftly and reduce ticket volume.

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A Bessemer Partner On What’s Driving The Firm’s Billion-Dollar Bet ….

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These 13 Intercom alternatives provide great options for sales, marketing, and support help for your business. Because it offers so many different options, this is a great Intercom alternative for large and enterprise companies who need sales and service solutions at scale. One key aspect of good customer support is offering a self-service option, such as a knowledge base or forum.

Intercom is good for SaaS but not if you’re Facebook

They offer options like hiring live agents starting at $1 per hour, virtual assistants starting at $7 per hour, and removing branding for $12 per month. The best companies realize that crafting a world-class customer experience builds sustainable growth. On the other side, websites and software tend to become more and more complex, at every stage of the customer lifecycle. The thing is, Crisp offers way more integrations to increase collaboration between your teams. Helpwise and HelpCrunch are alternative apps to Intercom that integrate well with other platforms or software.

Intercom launches new features based on ChatGPT technology –

Intercom launches new features based on ChatGPT technology.

Posted: Tue, 31 Jan 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Some users have pointed out a learning curve in setting up chatbot flows and connecting various nodes. Additionally, the platform could be more useful if there are more default templates for different types of businesses. Also, there is space for improvement in the chat data download options and streamlining the data management process. It also facilitates easy integration with your favorite tools, enhancing functionality and efficiency. The platform’s no-code setup ensures that even those without technical expertise can easily implement and manage their customer support systems.


It also integrates with a number of external applications, including Zendesk and Salesforce. Other features that Freshdesk offers include help desk software, messaging and chatbot support, and omnichannel communication to reach customers across various platforms. Implementing CSAT surveys in live chat can help businesses gather purchasing signals, identify churn risks, and improve overall customer satisfaction. With CSAT scores, companies can target satisfied customers for reviews or referrals, while also addressing unhappy customers to prevent churn. Overall, using CSAT in live chat can provide valuable insights and enhance the customer experience. Intercom chatbot is a software solution that is designed for customer support and chatbot services.

You can store and access customer data and chat transcripts in Olark or your CRM and send chat data to other tools. You can also use the software’s features to target, engage, qualify, convert, retain, and grow your leads and customers. You can install the chat widget on your website or mobile app with a few lines of code. HelpCruch lets you import your contacts from other sources or collect them via the widget. You can also customize the widget appearance, create chatbot scenarios, set up email campaigns, launch a knowledge base, and more.

The top 5 features that make Zoho SalesIQ one of the best alternatives to Intercom

Zoho CRM is a popular sales tool, making its help desk software an ideal solution for sales-centric teams who can benefit from the entire suite of tools. Tidio’s easy-to-use interface makes it a great tool for quick setup within your customer support and marketing teams. With its WordPress plugin or JavaScript code, Tidio boasts that teams can easily get started within five minutes. Freshdesk is a more unique Intercom alternative, as it offers the functionality to support businesses that use call centers for customer support. These HubSpot alternatives for customer support, sales, and marketing teams will help you streamline your work and save time and money.

intercom chatbot pricing

You can also automate repetitive tasks, such as sending notifications, updating statuses, or escalating issues. One of the unique features of ClickDesk is its keystroke preview, which lets you see what visitors type before they send it over. This enables you to understand your visitors better, anticipate their questions, and close more sales. You can use Pure Chat by copying and pasting a code snippet into your website’s HTML to start chatting with your visitors. You can also use the WordPress plugin to add Pure Chat to your website.

Desku: Best Intercom Alternative for Customer Support

It is unquestionably advanced yet expensive, with features and add-ons that can add up to a high monthly cost. It also lacks a few basic live chat features, like message previews, that are found in most competitors. Suppose you have a middle-sized company with 5 seats (support agents) and 5,000 people reached per month. These platforms allow customers to communicate with customer service reps quickly and easily, often through real-time messaging. By integrating live chat platforms, companies are able to provide fast, efficient support that meets the needs of modern customers.

So, as Intercom is no stranger to hidden costs, you may want to keep your eyes pilled. The number of unique people you’ve reached this past month using Outbound messaging. Yes, the Intercom is very similar to Zendesk, but only to the Zendesk for service Suite.

Top 11 Intercom Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

If you require any of the above custom features, Intercom pricing may not work for those startups on tight budgets. Whether you’re in search of more features or cheaper pricing, the good news is that there are plenty of Intercom alternatives out there. In addition to uploading custom data fields, Intercom automatically collects data about your customers. Below is a list of the most important user data that Intercom automatically collects.

This feature allows you to create in-app onboarding walkthroughs that guide your users directly to the point where they like your product. If you get frequent questions and don’t want to reply to all those similar messages manually each time, you can use Intercom’s chatbots to decrease the average reply time. Intercom is one of the many tools to claim they are the ones to do the job.

intercom chatbot pricing

The website offers a variety of monthly plans, starting with early-stage startups all the way to premium packages, making it useful for any size business. Intercom’s essential purpose is to power sales through targeted marketing and support, so it’s useful for any industry making direct individual or business to business (B2B) sales. More than 30% of customers now expect a live chat feature to appear on your website. By not providing this service to your customers, you’re essentially ignoring a large percentage of them.

Zendesk offers six different tiers, three of which are for everyone and two for enterprises. You can easily set it up to match your brand with reporting dashboards and customizable widgets. If call center support is what you are looking for, Freshdesk may be a good choice for you. For Tidio +, you are charged $240.83/month , where you can customize engagements with dedicated specialists. If you choose the enterprise model, you can Negotiate the price for pro + unlimited access. The cherry on top is that Intercom provides free migration to make onboarding as smooth as possible without data loss.

  • However, some users have criticized its high price point and limited integrations.
  • Just like Intercom, Zendesk offers a suite of customer service tools, including a help desk, chat, and several automation modules for marketing.
  • It means you can manage multiple companies from one place without compromising on data privacy or security.
  • Make conversation handoffs easier with AI summarize, a handy AI tool that can create a bulleted summary of any conversation with just one click.

You can also use chatbots to automate conversations that work across different channels. You can customize your chat widget, send triggered messages, store chat transcripts, and integrate with your favorite tools. Adding a live chat widget to your website lets you communicate with visitors in real-time. Tidio enables you to deploy AI-powered chatbots to answer common questions, collect leads, book appointments, etc. Additionally, you can use Tidio to send email campaigns to your contacts based on their actions or events on your website.

  • With Zoho CRM already established as a favored sales tool, the help desk software seamlessly complements sales-centric teams, providing access to a suite of synergistic resources.
  • Intercom vies with a few additional solutions that are similarly advanced, like LiveChat and Drift.
  • This way, you can assess your chatbot’s performance, customer satisfaction, and how efficiently you’re resolving user issues.
  • You can view your bill and all your fees in the Billing Settings in your dashboard.
  • There’s even a price calculator to work out your fees, potentially avoiding nasty billing surprises.

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